San Diego Solar Panel Installation

San Diego Custom Roofing

San Diego Custom Roofing are your "Green Technology" leaders...certified by Eagle Green for solar panel installations in San Diego. With energy costs rising every day, solar panels are becoming the smart alternative to rising fuel and energy. Living in San Diego's abundant sunshine allows us to take advantage of this life-changing technology. Rebates ad incentives are now available. Learn about tax incentives and how you can dramatically lower your monthly energy costs.
Thinking about installing solar panels on your San Diego home? We are lucky to live in one of the most abundant areas of the world for sunshine...the Earth's "natural" energy source. With the recent soaring cost of energy, taking a look at putting energy efficient and "green" solar panels in your San Diego is a smart decision.
San Diego Custom Roofing, inc. is a certified Eagle Green installer. We will come to your home and give you a free, multi-point inspection and let you know the exact cost and benefit for installing solar panels into your San Diego home. The new Eagle Green technology and "cool roofing" combine for a eco-conscious and superior energy-saving solution for the mindful homeowner.
Give us a call today to discuss installing solar panels in your San Diego roof.